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Carlie Lawson

Author: Carlie Lawson

Carlie Lawson writes about business and finance, specializing in entertainment, cryptocurrency and FOREX coverage. She wrote weekly entertainment business and finance articles for JollyJo.tv, Keysian and Movitly for a combined seven years. A former newspaper journalist, she now owns Powell Lawson Creatives, a PR firm, and Powell Lawson Consulting, a business continuity and hazards planning consultancy. She earned BAs in Journalism and Film & Video Studies from the University of Oklahoma. She also earned her Master of Regional & City Planning at OU. Her passion lies in helping people make money while reducing risk.

Top 10 Pros & Cons of Credit Card Reward Programs

Store Credit Card Guide for Successful Shopping

Speaking as someone who now enjoys good credit (knock on wood), I can explain in all too much detail the dangers and vagaries of landing a store credit card… or two… or FIVE. Laugh if you like, but I meant well as an undergraduate when I applied for credit cards for the free gifts they ...
Best Finance Instagram Accounts That Deserve Thumbs Up

Best Finance Instagram Accounts That Deserve Thumbs Up

When you think of places to earn a financial education, you might not think of Instagram, but the social media platform spawned several helpful accounts. Everyone from Yahoo Finance to your local credit union has created an account and they focus on finance. That doesn’t make all of them helpful. What Does Make a Financial ...
What is Revenge Spending’s Real Revenge

What is Revenge Spending’s Real Revenge?

Revenge spending has such an evil sound to it. You might think it’s what you do to take things out on a former spouse, an ex-significant other, or your parents when they’ve put you on restriction for a while and it ends. Nope. The only person you hurt by revenge spending is yourself. What is ...
How to Get a Loan without a Cosigner

How to Get a Loan without a Cosigner?

Most adults want to do things themselves. They prefer the independence. You cannot always do everything alone though, because at times you need someone to vouch for you. Loans fall into that category. Sometimes you need a co-signer. You might not want one, but you may need one. It depends on a few things we ...
Why Are Payday Loans Bad?

Why Are Payday Loans Bad?

When you need money, you might turn to the first available source. For some individuals, that means payday loans. Typically, these people do not qualify for credit cards, nor do they qualify for regular personal loans. Needing money quickly, they visit payday loan stores or short-term money-lending institutions. This serves to make their financial situation ...
Statement Balance vs Current Balance Payoff Tips

Statement Balance vs Current Balance Payoff Tips

Hey, the mail came! You got all kinds of cool stuff like a postcard from your sibling, a letter from grandma, your clothing box, and… oh, your credit card bill. You open that first to see the bad news and realize you should not have purchased the entire clothing box from last month. Wow! You ...
Step by Step on How to Fill Out a Money Order

Step by Step on How to Fill Out a Money Order

Every once in a while, you end up in a situation where you cannot use an electronic payment method or a credit or debit card. It may be 2021, but some areas remain cash only or only accept money orders. Businesses overseas or in other areas of North America may only take payment in the ...

What Are the Most Trusted Payday Loan Options Online?

Those with low credit scores or with very short-term money needs may turn to payday loans to fund their money desires. When doing so, better consider dealing with trusted payday loan lenders. These two-week or one-month long loans literally must get paid back from the individual’s next paycheck. You do not get these loans from ...
How to Buy a Car with Bad Credit? Drive Here

How to Buy a Car with Bad Credit

When you have bad credit or no credit, you need a strategy to obtain a loan, especially a larger loan like a car loan or a mortgage. This blog examines the strategies you can use to secure a bad credit auto loan so you can buy a car or truck that makes your life easier. ...
Money Tips From These Popular Movies Are Entertaining

Money Tips From These Popular Movies Are Entertaining

You might not think of the movies as a treasure trove of financial advice, but cinema has many nuggets of wisdom buried within it. From the beginnings of film to the present day, finance and money have been a part of the film’s plots. You can learn what to do, how to handle finances, what ...