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Carlie Lawson

Author: Carlie Lawson

Carlie Lawson writes about business and finance, specializing in entertainment, cryptocurrency and FOREX coverage. She wrote weekly entertainment business and finance articles for JollyJo.tv, Keysian and Movitly for a combined seven years. A former newspaper journalist, she now owns Powell Lawson Creatives, a PR firm, and Powell Lawson Consulting, a business continuity and hazards planning consultancy. She earned BAs in Journalism and Film & Video Studies from the University of Oklahoma. She also earned her Master of Regional & City Planning at OU. Her passion lies in helping people make money while reducing risk.

How to Buy a Car with Bad Credit? Drive Here

How to Buy a Car with Bad Credit

When you have bad credit or no credit, you need a strategy to obtain a loan, especially a larger loan like a car loan or a mortgage. This blog examines the strategies you can use to secure a bad credit auto loan so you can buy a car or truck that makes your life easier. ...
Money Tips From These Popular Movies Are Entertaining

Money Tips From These Popular Movies Are Entertaining

You might not think of the movies as a treasure trove of financial advice, but cinema has many nuggets of wisdom buried within it. From the beginnings of film to the present day, finance and money have been a part of the film’s plots. You can learn what to do, how to handle finances, what ...
Loans for Bad Credit That Help You Build Credit

Loans for Bad Credit That Help You Build Credit

A bit of a vicious circle exists when it comes to having bad credit. You can only fix bad credit by obtaining a credit line, but almost no bank will extend you credit because of your bad credit history. Hmm… And what about guaranteed loans for bad credit? At that point, you begin searching for ...
A Complete Guide to Making Money on Instagram

A Complete Guide to Making Money on Instagram

Let me start with a hard truth that few people want to hear or understand. That is that making money in any way requires actual work. You can make money online, but you have to work.If you are just looking for some easy money, you could consider making money through online surveys for example. Otherwise, ...
Uber vs Lyft Which Pays Drivers More

Uber vs Lyft: Which Pays Drivers More?

When you look for other ways to make fast cash, you might look at the 1,000 pounds of aluminum and steel sitting in your driveway on four tires. Many drivers on the US roads earn extra money by driving. We’ll help you weigh your options using Uber vs Lyft. Some drive a cab, but most ...
Your Guide to the Top Side Jobs You Can Do from Home

Your Guide to the Top Side Jobs You Can Do from Home

Everywhere you look today, it seems people write or talk about their side gig. In the 1970s and 80s, nearly every family became a two income family by both spouses working. In the 2000s, you cannot wait to get married to obtain a second income. That leaves it to each person to implement a side ...

Small Loans Near Me: Go Local or Online?

Maybe you are considering the option of taking out a small loan. However you are not sure of where to seek this loan out? Are you asking yourself where the small loans near me are? That is an easy answer – they are both local and online. Below are both physical and online options for ...
xI Need a Loan Now with Bad Credit

I Need a Loan Now with Bad Credit: Cash ASAP!

It’s an interesting corollary that once you can prove that you don’t need money, banks and other types of lenders are happy to loan it to you.  On the other hand, if you have a need or–gasp–have bad credit, nobody will talk to you about a loan.  It doesn’t matter that the one black mark on ...