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Julia Peoples

Author: Julia Peoples

Julia Peoples is a long-time business manager focused on providing decision making assistance to the public. She works with people at key points of their lives who are making important retirement and financial decisions. She has had many articles published that educate the public on sound financial decision making. Julia writes for those who are working towards financial freedom or a better understanding of how finances work. She has shared her financial insights with individuals on a one on one basis for years.

Top 7 Freebie Sites For Those Who Love Free Stuff

Top 7 Freebie Sites For Those Who Love Free Stuff

I do not know one single person that does not like free stuff. It may come as a surprise to you that there are many ways to get free things. You just need to know where to look. There are many freebie sites available to you where you can find all the free items you desire. ...
Why was my Debit Card Declined? Banking 411!

Why Was My Debit Card Declined: Banking 411

How many times have you been in a store and when you go to pay, you were worried about whether or not the payment would process? That is not a fun position for you to be in. It can be embarrassing to have your debit card declined. It can also be scary and frustrating if you think ...
A Guide to Making Money When Times are Tough

A Guide to Making Money When Times Are Tough

Everyone wants to make money. If you tell me that you do not, I probably will not believe you. Let’s be real, we all want to have a car, a house, food to eat and clothes on our backs. These items all require money. In addition to being able to buy extra items, you need ...
10 Cities Still Delivering on the American Dream

10 Cities Still Delivering on the American Dream

For so long now, the US has been considered the land of opportunity. Dream place to live. Over the past decades, we have welcomed people from different places and offered them a safe place to live where they can achieve their goals. The American Dream is the universal ideal that anyone can become successful and ...
Top Ways to Boost your Income in the Sharing Economy

Top Ways to Boost Your Income In The Sharing Economy

We live in a world where just about everything is accessible to us on our phones. Plenty of people play out their entire lives posting and blogging. There are plenty of people who think that has hurt society and created a world of people that cannot communicate. No matter how you feel about it, you ...
How to Open an Online Bank Account with No Deposit?

How to Open an Online Bank Account with No Deposit

A bank account may be something you never think about. You may already have one, but maybe you do not. I remember the old days of banking when you had to go into the bank for everything. Now, it is so much easier. You can handle all of your banking needs online, even opening a ...
Loans for People with Credit Scores between 560 and 650

Loans for People With Credit Scores Between 560 and 650

I am sure that you have heard the term credit score at some point. Do you have a full understanding of what that term actually means? I am willing to bet that most people do not. When people do not fully understand how credit and credit scores work, they may not make the best decisions. ...
Ways to get cash online with bad credit

Ways to Get Cash Online With Bad Credit: Use Caution

The world we live in is expensive. Unless you were born into a rich family or made a lot of money fast, you have to work hard for your money. It always seems like there just is not enough. No matter how much money we make, we always seem to need more. That is how ...

Alternatives to Storefront and Online Payday Loan

When it comes to understanding money, we think we know everything we need, right? You work and you get a paycheck. That money goes into your bank account. You have bills and you pay them. It should be that simple. I think we can all agree that it is rarely ever that simple. Do not ...
Poor Credit Loans for Short Term Needs

Poor Credit Loans for Short Term Needs

Three numbers dictate so many things for you. You credit score is what dictates if you are approved for a loan. It is what determines if you can buy a house, or a new car. It take a long time to build good credit. In just a few missteps, all you hard work goes down ...