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Kevin Strauss

Author: Kevin Strauss

Kevin Strauss is a personal finance writer and homeowner based in the Los Angeles area. Being in one of the most expensive markets in the country, he's learned to maximize resources to plan for both his monthly expenses and future financial needs. Kevin has a passion for helping those in a similar situation navigate the complex world of personal finance so they can pay down debt, plan for the future and live out their dreams.  In addition to covering personal finance in depth on Loanry.com and Cashry.com, Kevin shares his expertise with readers who want to create budget-friendly habits across the web.

Best Cities for Young Professionals

Best Cities for Young Professionals

If you are a young professional, where you live can be influenced by where there is opportunity for professional development and growth. Not every place is going to give you the same quality of life and same opportunities. When deciding where to live, it helps to know the best cities for young professionals so you ...

How to Plan a Free Wedding to Avoid Debt

As soon as you have a ring on your finger, or even before, you may start thinking about your wedding. However, a wedding can be expensive. Think about the money you spend on your wedding gown, the food, the venue, the decorations, flowers, and cake. The list for a wedding seems never-ending and before you ...
Work From Home Jobs that You Will Enjoy

Work from Home Jobs That You’ll Enjoy

A Work from home job gives you a lot of benefits and can even be used as a second income if you need money to pay bills, want to kick start your savings accounts, or need to pay down debt. But how to choose a Work from Home Job? The work from home best jobs that ...
How to Make More Money During a Garage Sale

How to Make More Money during a Garage Sale

Selling unwanted items at a garage sale is the perfect way to get rid of some unused items in your home for some extra fast cash. If you want to make more money during a garage sale, there are some things you can do. Whether you need money to pay bills or want to kick start your emergency ...
The Best Way to Create an Emergency Fund

The Best Way to Create an Emergency Fund: Money 911

An emergency fund can help you deal with unexpected expenses. Dealing with these items, such as medical emergencies or car repairs, is never fun. Without an emergency fund, these unplanned expenses can turn into a financial disaster. About 4 in 10 adults can’t afford to pay for an unexpected expense without borrowing money or selling belongings. What ...
The Debt Snow Ball Method

The Debt Snowball Method: A Wise Trick For Debt Reduction

The debt snowball method gets its name from the snowball making process. The fastest way to get traction when building a snowball is to pack some snow into a tight ball and then roll it through the yard. As it gains momentum and speed, the snowball can grow into more of a snow boulder. This process can ...