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Category: Debt Relief

The Best Way to Create an Emergency Fund

Is it Better to Pay Off Debt or Build An Emergency Fund?

Most of us understand the value of saving. Many of us grew up being told that it’s best to have a nest egg or rainy day fund to cover unexpected events. However, what happens when debt outweighs saving? What should you do? Is it possible to save and pay off debt? What’s the best approach. ...
Your Handy Guy to Contacting a Debt Counseling Expert

Your Handy Guide To Contacting A Debt Counseling Expert

When debt becomes overwhelming and you cannot pay your bills, do not look the other way and hope they disappear. Disappearing bills is not going to happen, ever. There are solutions to overloaded debt such as credit counseling companies or bankruptcy. Get in touch with a skilled, licensed experienced credit counselor. This professional sits down ...
The Debt Snow Ball Method

The Debt Snowball Method: A Wise Trick For Debt Reduction

The debt snowball method gets its name from the snowball making process. The fastest way to get traction when building a snowball is to pack some snow into a tight ball and then roll it through the yard. As it gains momentum and speed, the snowball can grow into more of a snow boulder. This process can ...