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Cheryline Lawson

Author: Cheryline Lawson

Cheryline Lawson is a personal finance writer who lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with her husband and two boys. She has worked as a mortgage broker and loan processor in the most recent past. She shares a lot of her experiencing in financial planning, real estate investing and budget advice with national media outlets like GoBankingRates, Intuit, Bustle, Buzzfeed and CBS News. Ms. Lawson is a graduate of Broward College in Florida. She came into her own as a mortgage broker after realizing so many people need help to get into their first home. She has a passion for helping others, especially those who need financial advice to use in their daily lives.

How to File for Bankruptcy After Running Out of Options

How to File for Bankruptcy After Running Out of Options

Are you at the point where you need money to pay bills because you are drowning in debt? You are not alone! Indeed, many people are experiencing the same thing and want to know how to file for bankruptcy. Anyone who is thinking about filing for bankruptcy is initially in an awkward position, though, since ...