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Jackie Strauss

Author: Jackie Strauss

Jackie Strauss is a finance writer with a background in economics living in Los Angeles. She has a passion for helping readers learn more about personal finance, insurance, home loans and paying down debt. As a college student during the Great Recession, she has had to learn budgeting and money saving techniques to become a new homeowner.

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Low income families have a lot of hurdles when it comes to career advancement and jobs. There are plenty of barriers and reasons why people work in low wage jobs. Some of these reasons include lack of skills, lack of access, or factors that make it difficult to find better jobs. Ultimately, there are things ...

Credit Card Debt Tips Creditors Don’t Want You to Know

There is no one way to get out of credit card debt since it will depend on your situation. You can rely on a number of credit card debt tips, whether it’s paying off each card individually, transferring your balances, or asking for a lower interest rate. Whatever your financial goals are, getting rid of your ...