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Eric Benac

Author: Eric Benac

Eric Benac is a freelance marketing professional with more than 10 years of experience. He stumbled upon the financial market during this time and fell in love with its many unique facets. He particularly enjoys writing content that helps working class people save money and improve their quality of life. In his free time, he enjoys listening to music, working on his latest sci-fi opus, composing and performing music, and being outdoors whenever possible. Currently, he has two books of music criticism to his name and lives in Lansing, Michigan.

Top 10 Pros and Cons of Credit Card Reward Programs

Using your credit card can be a surprisingly financially rewarding situation if you’re smart about it. For example, you can use credit card reward programs to earn various gifts and prizes. Credit card companies set up these programs to give you benefits for staying loyal and using your card. But are they a trick to ...
How to Get Loans for Those That Are Unemployed?

Tools to Manage Your Personal Cash Flow

Maximizing your personal cash flow and savings situation requires a lot of careful work and an understanding of your many options on the market today. It also requires you to utilize whatever help you can find, such as downloading and using various tools to track your income and spending and to find opportunities to expand ...

A Guide to Cash Credit Line vs Total Credit Line

Credit terms often confuse many borrowers. For example, terms like Cash Credit Line vs Total Credit Line may seem identical at first. However, each represents a very different element of your credit. Mistaking them could cause many problems that we can help you avoid. We’ll discuss Cash Credit Line vs Total Credit Line to make ...