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Blaine Koehn

Author: Blaine Koehn

Blaine Koehn is a former small business manager, long-time educator, and seasoned consultant. He’s worked in both the public and private sectors while riding the ups-and-downs of self-employment and independent contracting for nearly two decades. His self-published resources have been utilized by thousands of educators as he’s shared his experiences and ideas in workshops across the Midwest. Blaine writes about money management and decision-making for those new to the world of finance or anyone simply sorting through their fiscal options in complicated times.

What Should I Use – Cash vs Credit Card?

You’d really like to make a few repairs on your home. Or, maybe you’re thinking about upgrading your wardrobe a bit as you look for a new job. It might be time to schedule that dentist visit you’ve been putting off. Or perhaps you’re simply wanting to take someone special to a nice dinner for ...
Why was my Debit Card Declined? Banking 411!

How to Use a Credit Card Responsibly

Nowadays having a credit card is normal, and everybody uses it for so many reasons. However, so many people don’t use it responsibly, leading to debt and bad credit score. Few days ago, wandering online, I read this quote in an analysis of what some are calling the “hollow middle” of the American Dream: Forty ...

A Study of the 7 Best Online Payment Services

It’s becoming more and more convenient and practical to send and receive money by simply pulling out your phone (or opening your laptop). Whether you’re ordering something online, sending cash to your kid at college, and so on… The best online payment services offer convenience and limited fees or obligations. If you’re a small business ...

How to Use FinTech Services to Save Money

“FinTech” is a rather broad term. The word itself is a combination of “finance” and “technology,” which pretty much sums up what it means. Almost any combination of finance and technology can fall under the basic umbrella of “FinTech services”. Particularly those which automate or otherwise simplify some aspect of personal or business finance. It’s ...
Your Best Resources to Find Government Free Money

Your Best Resources to Find Government Free Money

None of us want to be in a situation where we feel like we’re looking for “handouts” or like we can’t provide for ourselves and those in our care. Despite what politicians and those talking heads on TV like to repeat endlessly, very few people set out with a life goal of “milking the system” ...