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Songs about Money

Category: Songs about Money

We decided to have a little bit of fun with finance education by finding songs about money and relating that to good financial management. It’s such a serious topic. Why not learn about money through your favorite songs about money! Cashry.com provides free money tips to help you manage your finances. We have tons of awesome content from our money experts. We are passionate about helping people just like you make better financial decisions. Lets’ rock out and live rich!

Kanye West Money Cautions

Money Cautions from Kanye West Lyrics

Kanye West is either a genius or a crazy man. It is too early to tell, but the lyrics from some of his early works continue to give sage advice about money. Perhaps Kanye should have taken some of his own advice before handing over his financial life to the Kardashians, but we can still ...
Drake Money Song

5 Money Tips from Drake Lyrics

Yeah Drake, the artist from Toronto who grabbed us by our mass consciousness back in 2010, and told us “I’m doing me” with his debut single “Over.” Those were words many of us could identify with, a reminder to remember ourselves as individuals first and do “me” i.e. ourselves instead of them, those people out ...