5 Ways to Get Cash till Payday

Who isn’t thinking about what their next potential side hustle could be? George Clooney started his own brand of tequila and Reese Witherspoon has an ultra cute clothing line called Draper James. Even the Queen Bey has partnered with her nutritionist to open up a vegan meal delivery service as a side gig.

We could all use a little more Cash till Payday. Before you consider treading on the sacred ground that is your savings account, check out these cool options.

Sell Your Unwanted Stuff

Tis the season for spring cleaning! Find yourself stuck waiting to get Cash till Payday? Get unstuck by unloading all of those unwanted gadgets, clothes, and accessories that just clutter your life. Sure it will take some work; but for one, doing so will leave you richer, better organized, and ready to make room for what’s ahead.

Don’t know what to get rid of and what to keep? Heed this quote by organizing guru and author, Marie Kondo: “The best way to choose what to keep and what to throw away is to take each item in one’s hand and ask: ‘Does this spark joy?’ If it does, keep it. If not, dispose of it..”

Once you know what you’ll be offloading, get to selling. Nowadays there’s a plethora of ways to get quick cash for your unwanted stuff. There’s eBay (of course) and OfferUp for selling just about anything under the sun, from antiques to pet supplies to video games. Get cardio and earn bucks with Postmates as you zip around the city on your bike. Clothing specific sites like ThreadUp or Poshmark will help you recoup some of the dough you spent on those clothes that are taking up room in your closet. Got old bags and shoes to sell? Check out Tradesy.

Get Cash till Payday: Who’s in Your Circle?

Whether it’s babysitting, dog sitting, or something you do with a group of friends (neighborhood car wash anyone?), you might be surprised to see just how many of your friends and family are looking for a little extra help and are willing to pay you.

Just keep in mind that you still need to report that side gig money come tax season.

Get Your Piece of the Sharing Economy Pie

Some months you may be just fine waiting to get cash till payday, but other months, you might want to pick up an extra 10 hours worth of work per week. The nice thing about the jobs offered by the sharing economy is that you can pretty much bank on the fact that people will always be in need of these services. Did your evening plans get cancelled? Boom- log into your Uber app and you’re earning money in minutes!

There are some other similar types of bandwagons that are just waiting for you to hop on. For example, Wags and Rover are just two of the apps you can sign up with to be a dog-walker. Are you good with your hands? Become a “Tasker” for Taskrabbit and make upwards of $50 an hour! With a little creative thinking and a proactive mindset, getting Cash till Payday is something most of us can achieve. Beware, you may find you love that new side gig and might just end up loving that extra income too!

Get Paid for Giving Your Opinion

Yes, this is a thing. You know how nowadays a lot of companies depend heavily on customer reviews and ratings? Well, if you’ve got the time and patience to review new products or conduct website testing, then this is perfect for you. Another cool review-based gig for the music lovers out there: Slice the Pie.

Last but Not Least: Have you Considered Getting a Small Loan?

You’d be surprised just how easy it is to get a loan for those months when you just don’t have the time to moonlight at another job or scrounge up your stuff to sell on the internet.

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